How to Cut a Cigar

The quality of the cigar lends to most of the enjoyment of the cigar smoking experience however, cutting it poorly can not only ruin the experience but ruin the cigar altogether. The most common mistake made when cutting a cigar is cutting too much off. We're here to help you get it right. For step one familiarize yourself with the cap in the graph below. 

Ultimately what you are trying to do is cut just the cap off of your cigar. Right above the shoulder. Cut into the shoulder and as they say "you've gone too far!".

First - Locate the cap.

The cap is just a small piece of round tobacco that covers the end that's why it's commonly referred to as the end cap. It sits just above the shoulder. That's the only piece you need to cut.

Second - Choose your cutter.

There are many different styles of cutters but we are going to focus on the 3 or 4 most common ones.

  • Guillotine - The most common cutter by far. This cut uses 2 blades that slice the cap from each end.
  • V-Cut - This cut features a single blade shaped like a V that leaves a sharp V in the middle of the cap.
  • Punch - A favorite among the large ring gauge lovers (usually because a large ring gauge cigar won't fit the above cutters). This cutter basically as in the name punches a hole in the top of the cap.
  • Bite - Yup that's right, when all else fails just bite the cap off. Only the cap. Not recommended, especially in a cigar lounge.

Third - Cut your cigar!

You've located the cap, you have your cutter. Now slice, fast and hard. The quicker, harder and more stable you do it the sharper and cleaner the cut.

Forth - Sit back, light it up and enjoy!

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